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The nose is the center of our face and should enable us to breathe freely. It should look harmonious and contribute to our wellbeing.

In functional-esthetic nose reshaping, the function as well as the esthetics of the nose are taken into account.


You want to change the shape of your nose but you’re not quite sure? With the free computer simulation program FaceTouchUp you can define your own ideal nose comfortably on your computer at home. You are most welcome to take a printout of your computer simulation to our consultation.


A computer simulation serves as a guide for our discussion about the shape of your nose; it cannot be regarded as the final outcome of nose reshaping.


Whether you have a deflected nasal septum, a hooked nose, a crooked nose, a cleft nose, an unattractive tip of the nose or unfavorably shaped nostrils – a nose reshaping can help to change your nasal breathing, your appearance, and your personal wellbeing for the better.


Reshaping of the nose can basically be performed by two different accesses:


When using the closed technique, all incisions are performed from within the nose.


When using the open technique, the skin on the bridge of the nose is cut through and the skin of the nose is folded upward.

The technique used varies from person to person and depends on the diagnosis.


Piezosurgery or ultrasound surgery is a very modern ultrasound-based piezoelectric procedure.

The special surgical feature of this procedure is that bone is exposed in very targeted fashion while preserving the surrounding soft tissue. Thus, the risk of injury to crucial anatomical structures such as blood vessels or nerves is minimized very significantly.

One-day Surgery

Operations on the nose are usually performed under general anesthesia either as one-day surgery or with an overnight stay at the hospital. Our state-of-the-art medical equipment and standards make it possible to perform nose reshaping in the course of one-day surgery at our medical office.


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After the first consultation we will send you – within a week – a detailed cost estimate for the treatment. Before the operation you will be aware of the total costs involved (operation, anesthesia, control investigations).